Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Purple and Brown Hat

Hello bloggers,
Well I finished the hat I made for my mom. I used the "Family of Beanies" pattern from the Lion Brand Yarn website. This hate was a little difficult because the baby alpaca yarn I used was so light weight that I had to start over 3 times before I realized that I needed to double up the yarn. Then as I progressed it was so light it was difficult for the hat to hold any shape. I did LOVE the color combination that I picked up, it's really unfortunate that my camera doesn't do the colors justice. Another addition that I did was that I found an ear warmer for $1.00 at JoAnn's Fabrics so I quickly stitched that to the inside of the hat when it was complete. I did have to stretch the ear warmer to fit along the interior, but it was quick and simple and my mom really likes the added warmth. The yarn is from Alpaca with a Twist, Baby Alpaca that I purchased at Knitting Habitat Enjoy the pictures and don't hesitate to ask.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Too much of the apple

Well I bit off a little too much this last month. I've been taking classes for work, working on my masters, moving into my new house and working on tons of Christmas presents. So I haven't posted since I first created this blog. I made a number of Christmas presents this year and I'll get them posted as soon as I get pictures. Here is scarf I made for my brother. I really liked this pattern because instead of the typical horizontal stripes it has vertical stripes. Another blogger (my apologies for forgetting the name) not only used the vertical stripes, but also did the different colored stripes. I love the way this scarf turned out, it looks so sleek and sharp especially against his new pea black coat. In case you are wondering how I spaced the stripes I did 6 rows, 2 rows, 3 rows, 3 rows, 3 rows, 2 rows, 6 rows. Let me know if you have any questions.