Friday, May 13, 2011

Knaughty Knitter!

Well I have been a very bad knitter this past 10 months. I haven't posted one blog in the ENTIRE time. So I'm going to give you a very abbreviated synopsis.
1.Autumn Swap Hat
2. Orange Leaves Hat
3. The Bart Hat
4. Owling Mitts
5. San Fran Thank You Hat
6. Anniversary Blanket
7. Skull Hat
8. Hooded Scarf
9. Tie for my brother
10. Birthday Fingerless gloves
11. Argyle hat
12. Reversible hat
13. Striping gloves for mom
14. Striping hat for mom
15. Santa Fe Hat
16. Floppy Hat
17. Gloves for Swap
18. Spring Hat
19. Will's Birthday Hat
20. Danger's Toddler Hat
21. Kale's Hat
22. It All Comes Together Hat
and last finished project is the Mint Swirl Hat.

Well I guess looking back on the 22 finished projects and the 5 hats that are currently WIP's there may be a reason for the lack of blogging. So now I'd like to recommit to writing about all my knitting adventures. Including yarn, knitting groups, patterns, etc.