Sunday, July 25, 2010

Under the Tree Mitts

Well here I am am two frogged gloves and one complete glove and I can now say that I am learning how to read a chart when knitting....... I'm making the Under the Tree Mitts from Ravelry and I thought knitting from a chart would be simple, little did I know that you actually have to learn how to read a chart. For all of you knitting novices you read lower right to left then left to right and you switch back back and forth. Now I believe this is easier to do on a flat pattern, however when knitting in the round I still managed to hit some road blocks. I really struggled with the chart pattern when I was trying to do the tree part of the mittens and eventually just did my own thing and decided to knit on the cables instead of trying to do the purl and realize later that my tree was inside out (again). Overall the glove I have made was pretty quick to knit up I finished one in a day and will hopefully knock out the other pretty quickly here as these mitts still have a journey of their own to take. But for now I must go and enjoy the evening. Till next time!


  1. The secret to following repeating charts is stitch markers and lifelines. They save a lot of frustration.