Monday, February 15, 2010

A Yoga Bag

I made my first Yoga bag and I loved making it. Even the challenging parts I enjoyed. I discovered a new yarn store near by and I was talking to the owner about putting good/bad vibes into a project depending on the makers feelings about the project. Anyway, because this was a yoga bag I felt it appropriate to say that I definitely crocheted good vibes into this bag, the whole way. I got the pattern on this blog via ravelry. I loved the granny square style. I modified this slightly to get a thicker strap so it wouldn't dig into my sister's shoulder when she carries her mat in and out. I loved the tutorial that was provided to help me learn how to knit the cord that ties the bag shut. I have attached the link here. I also learned how to make an adjustable ring and I am SOLD! I will never again chain to make a ring, this was easy and made the perfect size. Here is the website I used to show me how to make an adjustable ring. I've attached photos below of the final project as well as pieces I made a long the way. If you are considering this at all I highly recommend this pattern. Happy Hooking.





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