Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Clarity in all the Chaos

Well work is pretty much horrible right now. I dread going in the morning right now and I obsess about what's going on at work when I'm home. I needed something to get my mind off of the misery. I recently discovered Purls of Wisdom here in Parker. I went to their Wednesday Night session called Women of Wisdom. I have to say it was the most therapeutic experience. In everything that has been bothering me lately I found a sense of peace. I sat down with 6 women all from different backgrounds and found a community in which I could talk about crocheting and knitting. I learned a lot about wonderful women in my community and about myself as I crocheter. So I have come up with a few tips, things that I will update as I go too.

1. Join a community: Whether you knit, crochet or spin you should join a community someone to share ideas with and someone to encourage you and someone to help you keep on trucking when things aren't going well.

2. Find at least 1 sage: I have 3 people that I can go to. People who know more than you about your craft. Someone to help you read patterns, write patterns or teach you new tricks.

3. Your community should not be the same circle of friends: I challenge you to meet new people, people who will support you, but not that you are too connected to so you can have a break.

More to come I promise, for now I need to work on my project before bed.

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  1. I love the WoW group at Purls. I usually go, but have really been sick the last couple of months, so I've stayed away to not spread germs. I'll be attending this week. Hope we can meet!